Having a Baby in Brazil

So you´re having a baby in Brazil?

You´d like to know what your choices are?
You or your partner speak little or no Portuguese?
You and your patner want childbirth education and support in English?

It is an honor to be of service in this special moment in your lives!
How can I be of help?

Contact me for a free complementary 30 minute consultation.
On-line via skype, by phone or in-person in Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais.

About me:
My name is Alessandra, or Alex for short. I´m a mom just like you. I´m a Brazilian-American, born in Minas Gerais [Mineira], raised in the US [mostly South Florida], Wonder Mom to the Wonder Duo - 9 year old Dallas Girl [Ananda] and 6 year old Boy from Beagá [Nathan].

I am a doula, childbirth educator and holistic therapist serving expats in Brazil. I offer support on-line and am willing to travel to other cities to provide services. Having gone through the experience myself as a mom giving birth in 2 different cultures and as a childbirth professional, I seek to make the experience as easy and positive as possible.

I have a blog in Portuguese, with a link in English:

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