Holistic Consultation
Individual and couples support sessions where you can talk about your personal experience and needs. In these consultations I will offer tools, information and resources to help you ease into living and having a baby in Brazil.

Private Childbirth Education
Learn the basics of having a baby - in Brazil, the choices available to you and tips to get the birth you want. Support for Dads and other family members in English and/or Portuguese, Spanish also. I tailor these classes to your language needs, translating and offering resources as necessary. My classes are holistic and woman-centered inspired by my personal experience.

Complete Doula Support
I am available to provide labor support/postpartum care in Belo Horizonte - Minas Gerais. I also provide traveling doula services throughout Brazil, which means I provide pre-natal support on-line and can come to you for your birth, staying for postpartum period as needed. Fees vary, depending on services and your location.

Mother Blessings
An intimate celebration of the Mother and Motherhood. This blessing can be adpated to your personal wishes, it´s your blessing. You can choose to have only women present or have both men and women. You can have a small group of close individuals or a larger family event. It´s up to you. As a facilitator I will help you organize all of the details, from the format to the decorations, offering you ideas and possible elements to include. I will also be available lead the celebration, taking care of time, activities, setting the tone and helping with guests.

Holistic Therapies for Moms
Holistic therapies work at the physical (body), mental(mind) and energy (spirit)levels.

Modalities I offer include:

Theta Healing
Theta Healing is one of the most powerful methods of energy healing available today. It uses Theta brain waves to remove limiting negative thought-patterns, beliefs and emotions. We then activate positive, powerful beliefs, emotions and thought programs.

Floral Essences
Floral Essences is created by imprinting the energy of a specific flower into pure high quality water. I offer support for the use of several Floral Essence systems readily available in Brazil.

Birth Yoga
Yoga inspired class with postures, mantras, breathing and relaxation that can be practiced in pregnancy and during the birth process. This is a class I have developed through my own research and experiences assisting at births. Private classes at home or my office.

Dance & Movement
Pregnancy classes
Get moving and shaking, stretching and flowing with baby before and after birth.
This class will open up your creative energy, expand your body awareness, estimulate the release happy hormones and make you feel good all over.

Post-partum Mom and Baby Classes
After baby is born you can start as soon as you and baby feel comfortable. You keep baby close to you in a baby sling/wrap, while older babies may choose more floor time.

About Fees
All my fees are in Brazilian Reais [R$]. I offer payment plans for all my services, where you can pay in installments.

Holistic Consultation:
Complementary 30 min consultation.
Fee per per 90 min session: R$90,00
Monthly discounted packages available.

Private Childbirth Education: R$200,00

Complete Doula Support: Fees vary, depending on services and your location.

Mother Blessings: R$250,00
1 hour planning session and 3 hour celebration

Private classes: Fees vary, depending on location/time/number of classes.